Located in France (Headquarter) and in USA, TAGEOS is specialized in the high-volume design and manufacturing of passive UHF (860 to 960 MHz) RFID labels across various industry segments. With its exclusive process – a serious breakthrough with respect to existing techniques – TAGEOS benefits from the lowest cost of production on the market while offering maximum quality and performance. TAGEOS' process innovation also reduces the impact on the environment (TAGEOS' UHF RFID labels are sustainable). TAGEOS also designs and manufactures antennas for the use by RFID readers in special-needs cases, in which the existing RFID hardware on the market does not fit to an end user's requirements. TAGEOS has developed a paper label with an integrated sensor to be used by the health-care industries, for which the company has completed a prototype. Through partnerships with the above-mentioned institute (IES), the company also plans to release HF-RFID labels made without plastic substrates, and expects to release versions without sensors by the end of 2012, followed by versions with sensors in 2013.

Contact :

Matthieu Picon