NextGenPack & EcoBioCap

NextGenPack (2012-2015)

NEXT GENeration of Advanced Active and Intelligent Bio-based

Based on a strategic German Fraunhofer IVV / French Carnot-3BCAR alliance, which will combine unique complementary expertise in the large field of packaging, this project aims toformulate strategic options to support the development of innovative eco-friendly packaging technologies for convenience food, fresh food and minimally processed food.NextGenPack-Projects-improving-food

NextGenPack is an integrated trans-disciplinary and requirement-driven project able to design concepts of active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging materials. The objective is to fit the functional, cost, safety and environmental impact requirements of the targeted food by developing bio-molecules based solutions.


This project focus on :

  • Design of challenging active and intelligent packaging systems based on concepts including oxygen scavengers, humidity regulators, antimicrobial releasers and RFID indicators.
  • Elaborating a modelling toolbox for predicting/simulating the functionality of the active and intelligent packaging.
  • Implementing full active and intelligent eco-packaging concept for targeted foods based on the previously developed active and intelligent systems, and eco-friendly materials for primary packaging (recyclable and/or biodegradable).
  • Creating a durable strategic French/German alliance

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NextGenPack-Projects-EcoBioCap-01The overall objective of EcoBioCAP FP7 project is to provide the EU food industry with customizable, ecoefficient, biodegradable packaging solutions with direct benefits both for the environment and EU consumers in terms of food quality and safety.

NextGenPack-Projects-7    NextGenPack-Projects-EU

EcoBioCAP is designed around the main following specifications :


  • Ensuring food quality and safety preservation.
  • Environment friendliness and sustainable development.
  • Industrial competitiveness

Yoan Emritloll

Yoan Emritloll

  • Food quality 95% 95%
  • Environment friendliness 99% 99%
  • Industrial competitiveness 82% 82%

PROJECTS | NextGenPack & EcoBioCap

NGP Alliance between INRA-IATE and Fraunhofer IVV aims to provide the best strategic options to support the development of innovative and safe eco-friendly packaging for food, using some of the world’s most advanced and powerful laboratories, multi-scales equipment and decision support tools.