IES Institut d'Electronique du Sud

NextGenPack-Projects-IESIES is an important research centre of Montpellier University (UM2) jointly operated with CNRS, with about 120 permanent staff members and 50 students preparing their PhD or training in the various fields of electronics, sensors, optoelectronics, and nano-technologies. IES has a multi-disciplinary approach of these fields ranging from fundamental studies to industrial applications, from materials to systems. The MITEA research group within IES is specialized in the field of thin film deposition applied to the fabrication of devices and microsystems. It uses several pieces of equipment for thin film deposition such as MOCVD, magnetron sputtering, electron gun and Joule effect evaporators. The MITEA research group makes use of most techniques usually employed for the structural and electrical characterizations of deposited thin-film materials. In parallel the group has acquired an expertise in the flexible substrate field (paper, PET) and in the printing systems for the realization of RFID labels with and without sensor associated (TAGEOS research project).

Contact :

Dr Brice Sorli