The French Carnot Institute 3BCAR
("Bioenergy, Biomolecules and Biomaterials from renewable carbone")

NextGenPack-Projects-3BCARThe institute 3BCAR is a network that provides research expertises to companies interested in the use of renewable carbon according to green chemistry requirements. 3BCAR brings together some 500 scientists, 10 technological platforms and 2 centres of technological resources to ensure the transfer to pilot scale. The specificity of 3BCAR is to coordinate the work of scientists and technicians involved in a broad range of activities, from plant breeding to refining and functional properties of any end-product by meeting sustainability requirements. The objective of 3BCAR is to contribute to the emergence of green economy through developing the uses of renewable resources in the fields of energy, chemicals and materials. Within the French Carnot Institute 3BCAR, the Joint Research Unit “Agro-polymer Engineering an Emerging Technologies” (IATE) has strong expertise on integrated approach of food/processing/packaging systems, on mass transfer modelling on the food/packaging system and on active and biodegradable food packaging. Activities of the French Carnot Institute 3BCAR include creating tools allowing prediction, simulation and control of transfer phenomena associated with the molecules of (negative or positive) interest and their impact on the quality and security of food.